Upgrading to Version 6

In ufo v6, significant structural changes were made to improve the tool. The recommendation is to:

  1. Build a new project and map the settings structure over.
  2. Create a brand new ECS service.
  3. Deploy blue-green style and point the new DNS to the new service.
  4. Destroy the old service.

The default UFO_ENV was changed from UFO_ENV=development to UFO_ENV=dev, so this should create a new stack.

If you were already using the shorter name UFO_ENV=dev, then you’ll need to use another name like UFO_ENV=sbx and then switch back over by repeating the blue-green process. Though it’s a decent effort, it is a controlled and safe way to upgrade to ufo v6.

V5 Docs: The old v5 docs are available here: v5.ufoships.com