Destroy App

Let’s now destroy the app and clean up:

ufo destroy

You will be prompted to confirm before deletion.

$ ufo destroy
You are about to destroy the demo-web-dev stack
Are you sure you want to do this? (y/N)

Confirm to delete the resources:

Are you sure you want to do this? (y/N) y
Deleting stack with ECS resources: demo-web-dev
Waiting for stack to complete
10:03:46PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack demo-web-dev User Initiated
10:03:52PM DELETE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::ECS::Service EcsService
Stack demo-web-dev deleted.
Time took: 2m 38s

Let’s double-check that the resources have been deleted:

$ ufo ps
No stack demo-web-dev found

Tip: If you want to delete without the prompt, you can use the -y option:

ufo destroy -y

Next, we’ll look at some next steps.