UFO Hooks

Hook Generator

To generator a starter hook:

$ ufo new hook ufo
      create  .ufo/config/hooks/ufo.rb

You can use hooks to run scripts at specific steps of the ufo lifecycle.

UFO Hooks

Hook Description
build When ufo builds the Task Definition and CloudFormation template. Build is automatically run as part of ufo ship. You can also call ufo build.
destroy When deletes the ECS resources. IE: ufo destroy
ship When ufo deploys to ECS. IE: ufo ship.


These lifecycle points at the ufo command level. Here’s are examples to help explain.

General Form


The command name corresponds to the ufo commands: build, push, etc.

Hook Options

Name Description
label A human-friendly label so you can see what hooks is being run.
execute The script or command to run. IE: path/to/some/script.sh
exit_on_fail Whether or not to continue process if the script returns an failed exit code.

Ruby Hooks

Instead of using a script for the hook execute option, you can also use a Ruby object. This provides some more control over the current process. See: Ruby Hooks