Clock Web Worker Pattern

A common pattern is to use the same code to run different types of processes like clock, web, worker. UFO supports this pattern.

Note, often the clock process is also called a scheduler.


Here’s a structure that achieves this pattern with UFO:

└── web.yml

Notice, web.yml is needed. This is because ufo considers multiple lookup locations. Docs: Task Definition Location


For many cases, using conditional logic in the web.yml is enough to account for differences between different roles. For example:


family: <%= @family %>
<% if @role == "worker" %>
networkMode: bridge
<% else %>
networkMode: awsvpc
<% end %>

If the worker and web roles start to really diverge, though, you may want to consider creating a separate worker.yml entirely. The structure would look like this:

│── web.yml
└── worker.yml


To deploy the roles.

UFO_ROLE=clock  ufo ship
UFO_ROLE=web    ufo ship
UFO_ROLE=worker ufo ship

The default is UFO_ROLE=web.

You can also use, export to simplify your commands. The nice this that it’ll work for all commands.

export UFO_ROLE=worker
ufo ship
ufo ps
ufo logs