Change Settings

Let’s make some simple changes.

Change Task Definition

Let’s change and increase the Docker CPU limit for the dev environment.


@cpu = 512
@memory = 512

These variables are used by the task definition.


family: <%= @family %>
networkMode: bridge
- name: <%= @name %>
  image: <%= @image %>
  cpu: <%= @cpu %>        # <= USED HERE
  memory: <%= @memory %>  # <= USED HERE
  memoryReservation: <%= @memory_reservation %>
# ...

This change affects the ECS Task Definition used by the ECS Service. It will allow each Docker container higher CPU and Memory Limits.

Change AutoScaling Settings

Let’s also increase the max capacity ECS Service AutoScaling setting from 2 to 3. You do this in


Ufo.configure do |config|
  config.autoscaling.max_capacity = 3 # <= CHANGED

This affects the ECS Service AutoScaling feature. It allows the app to scale out and add more container capacity automatically.

Next, we’ll deploy the updates.