Ufo uses a set of naming conventions. This helps enforce some best practices and also allows the ufo commands to be concise. You can override or bypass the conventions easily.

UFO_ENV to ECS Cluster Convention

By default, the ECS cluster value is the same as UFO_ENV’s value. So if UFO_ENV=production then the ECS Cluster is production and if UFO_ENV=development then the ECS Cluster is development. You can override this convention by specifying the --cluster CLI option. You can also override this behavior with settings.yml to spare you from having to type --cluster repeatedly.

Service and Task Names Convention

Ufo assumes a convention that service_name and the task_name are the same. If you would like to override this convention, then you can specify the task name.

ufo ship hi-web --task my-task

This means that in the task_definition.rb you will also define it with my-task. For example:

task_definition "my-task" do
  source "web" # this corresponds to the file in "ufo/templates/web.json.erb"
    family: "my-task",

Web Role Convention

By convention, if the service has a container name web, you’ll get prompted to create an ELB and specify a target group arn. If you would like to name a service with the word “web” in it without having to use an ELB target group then you can use the --no-target-group-prompt. Example:

ufo ship hi-web --no-target-group-prompt

You can also bypass the prompt by specifying the target group arn as part of the command upfront. The ELB and target group must already exist. The elb target group only gets associated when the service gets created for the first time. If the service already exists then the --target-group parameter just gets ignored and the ECS task simply gets updated. Example:

ufo ship hi-web --target-group=arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:us-east-1:12345689:targetgroup/hi-web/12345

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